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What if I still owe money on the car I’m trading in?

Don’t worry. Most people still owe money on the car they want to trade in. We apply the positive or negative equity towards your new monthly payments. Auto Loans with 99% Approval Whether you…more

I’m still in bankruptcy/Consumer Proposal – can you help?

There are specific programs available through our lender partners to help with people while still in bankruptcy/consumer proposal. This will take a little extra time as we will require some information from your trustee,…more

I’ve had a bankruptcy in the past – can you help?

Yes. Many dealerships view bankruptcy as a bad thing. We view it as a fresh start and there are excellent programs available to help you into your next vehicle. Auto Loans with 99% Approval…more

I’ve never had credit before. Do I qualify?

Auto Loans with 99% Approval Whether you have no credit, bad credit, or good credit, we’ll get you into a great vehicle today with our fast & easy process!

How will applying affect my credit rating?

Every time you apply for a loan it will be reported on your credit bureau. When you apply for a pre-approval our we target the lenders that are most likely to give you a…more

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